Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

there is a gap between my bed
and the window

a boundary to a boundary

one hole begets another
and this completes the picture

in absence there is harmony

complete completeness
completeless completion

increasingly, I am dreaming

I did not predict this but
everything falls into place

the missiles tuck themselves into the sea
politicians go to bed with their families
and for once they understand politics

everyone is in love with love and
poetry is a universal thing again

there’s only so much disbelief I can hold onto
until something comes to ask for it back

when I wake in the mornings
I feel as though I am still asleep
this is not a curse this is something to be welcomed

everything is in its right place now
and I am nothing short of extremely joyous
and I am nothing short of extremely joyous
and I am nothing short of extremely joyous

Freewriting Explanation: Every day, Valen shall use 5 minutes to write completely unprompted and uninterrupted, letting the words lead the way. There is no end purpose to each piece, but rather, the pieces are allowed to develop naturally in their own way. The pieces are then uploaded without edits.

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A member of Singapore-based writing collective /stop@BadEndRhymes ("/s@ber"), Valen dwells in the swamp of poetry. He has been published in various publications, including Anxious Poets Society, Eunoia Review and Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. He has performed his work at the Arts House, the Singapore Art Museum, and in various dingy bars.

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