Category: Freewriting


Like all love, it happened at an inconvenient time / doubling over in the grass /the whirr of a lawnmower still running rounds downthe cul-de-sac / lying there with his half-trimmed lawn /I wonder what he must haveseen / His nostrils, filled withthe afterglow of shorn blades / His breath coming in and outlike his […]


My head, tumbling downa stair; a crick in the neck,the world as a rotoscope, step upon step upon step;my head, a last minute addition to a bowling alley;my teeth, pins waiting to be put into flesh, and my tongue waxed and polished;my body is a body of water,in the same way a lake is an […]


I can fit all my faces into the headspace of a book.In the book, between every line a confession waits.Waiting for confession, I sit in the pews of the church.Spewing sermon and half-baked prayer I am mindful. Mind full of ideas half-baked in the sun like roadkill.Killers or their supporters all about the morning roads.Mourning, […]


your shape in the dark / a swan’s neck craning about the moon / O loveyour voice / a whisper inan empty room / a fingeron the spine / delicateas if to cut / catch in the throat / chamber loaded and private / in my head it is so plush / so quiet but […]


Charting a path, navigating the dense straggly-vined rainforest, past lives wehave left to hang and dry, look at how brown their bodies are, these woven hemp-rope effigies, these forgotten memories and elegies; with a machetein hand I cut through the past time line by line. Forging a clearing in the middle of nowhere we send […]


mindful, now of the knife / fingers spread and tight-lipped / keep the secret of how to cut behind pillars of flesh / find the time to learn how to sever the here from the now / these are two different concepts / distinguishable periods in time / boredom pushes us to do these things […]


You come to me as a short -ness of breath. There isn’t much I can say nowadays without remembering the dead lines, crossed lines, double-spaced on the sidewalk, thelip-like repetition of endless jumping rope, the movement of the bow as it plays across the strings of my heart; and who can really say anything new […]