Tag: hope


An intruder in the garden, two steps by two steps. We are alone but only for the brief periodbetween one hue of the sky to another. The sun sets too soonfor any work to be done and we are home again Waiting for the minute hand to lay itself on twelve Twelve handsTwelve bodies Twelve […]


there is a gap between my bed and the window a boundary to a boundary one hole begets anotherand this completes the picture in absence there is harmony complete completenesscompleteless completion increasingly, I am dreaming I did not predict this but everything falls into place the missiles tuck themselves into the sea politicians go to […]


I am thinking of far-flung lands where iron towers rise from the muddy earth erect and foreboding, these beautiful sabers aimed at the heavens. The cloudsare a splotch of grey vomiting out the dried-up tears of yesterday’s disaster, but they are not enough to put the fires to sleep. Rain pulses across the roofs of […]