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there is a gap between my bed and the window a boundary to a boundary one hole begets anotherand this completes the picture in absence there is harmony complete completenesscompleteless completion increasingly, I am dreaming I did not predict this but everything falls into place the missiles tuck themselves into the sea politicians go to […]


Let it all work out in the end of the river where you broughtyour children to drown their aspirations for somethingfar beyond the stage of this stage of life I lie face-down in the water and pretend I am an island Some waters call for waiting on bursting dams as a poorly conceived childbirth metaphor […]

dream notes

Last night, I dreamt of an old friend picking up smoking, cigarettes with the look of pencils (because she wanted to be a teacher, you see). I dreamt of people I did not know. Last night, I dreamt, aside from her smoking lead, of a table mired in the middle of nowhere, all of us seated: […]