Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash

People streaming out of classrooms, people never looking back on nature, people crowding about in smoking corners, people typing fervently on their laptops, people with their earphones plugged in and the music so loud they don’t hear their own keys, people who lie, people who live by power points, people who die by caffeine, people who stop to open doors for others, people who jump in when the lift doors are almost shut, people who dress in white, people who wear makeup to class, people who talk to other people, people who pack their own lunches to school, people who don’t, people who live alone, people who live lonely, people who die surrounded by friends and family and the nagging sense of something being wrong, people who clean the floors, people who clean the walls, people who make the messes, people who keep this cycle in check, people who are the reason for other people to be people, people as a endless cycle of people, the life cycle of people begins and ends with people, people who overuse commas, people who talk without thinking, people who don’t stop to appreciate the world around them, people who do, people who the world has cast out, people who strain to think of reasons to be people, people who are born as people, there are people in my eardrums, in my eye sockets, in my nostrils and on my taste buds, there are people in every serif of every word that I am typing, there are people in every vein of my body, every single blood cell, I cannot escape from the fact that I am a person, and neither can anyone else, stuck in this endless cycle of existence until it’s flipped like a light switch, to be turned off, swapped, ignored, utterly changed, people who can’t help the fact that they are people, people who think they’re not animals, people who think they’re higher beings than animals, people who believe in an afterlife, people who don’t but hope there is, people who hope there isn’t, people just going about their lives trying their best not to be horrible to each other, and some people who do, and some people who do.

Day 2 of trying to keep this going! I made a playlist of random 5-minute songs from my library. I think it really changes the writing, although I realise I have this strange tendency to spew in commas…

Freewriting Explanation: Every day, Valen shall use 5 minutes to write completely unprompted and uninterrupted, letting the words lead the way. There is no end purpose to each piece, but rather, the pieces are allowed to develop naturally in their own way.

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