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My Internet connection is down, and I’m forced to use my phone, so maybe today will be less about poetry, but more of a regular blog entry. I’ll still keep to the 5 minute time limit, yes, but I just want to write a bit about the freewriting exercises and how it’s been. For those […]


There are two ways of looking at every situation. Let’s call them A and B. If they were people, they’d be David and Peter. Or, as I remind myself to degender that ambiguous jellyfish of the mind, let’s call them Valen and Valen. Valen is the type of person who walks down the street every […]


Straining my brain for juices for poetics because I am rushing out a poem to impress my friends and to some extent myself. Everything is written to impress another – oh, look at how expressive I am, look at the complexities and contours of my makeup heart. Sometimes I don’t have anything good to say. […]


Right where it belongs the half-fucked pop schizophrenic forestman plucks a book off the branches of a library-tree and plops it down on the mud. In the clearing where all the words stop hooting a line forms to spit into the face of God. See the safety of the life that he has escaped, this […]


People streaming out of classrooms, people never looking back on nature, people crowding about in smoking corners, people typing fervently on their laptops, people with their earphones plugged in and the music so loud they don’t hear their own keys, people who lie, people who live by power points, people who die by caffeine, people […]

Post-Bootcamp: Musings

The last post was about Manuscript Bootcamp, a weekend-long workshop where we got to hunker down and work on our manuscripts with several industry professionals and literary figures. As part of the Bootcamp, we had a “Presentation of Works”, where we got to talk about our work and how it has changed after the bootcamp. […]