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Anything to keep the faucet going, anything to keep that great big hamster-wheel of the heart spinforever, anything to be a poem.I realise that my life has been a series of fortunate events andseveral turns of phrase, like the turnstile of the station nearest to my first heartbreak. Hark, it’s9pm and I’m dirty and unwashedand […]


We went in on a dare, so of course we’d be half-alive by the end of it.A dare is a half-suspended heart beat. The drum, out of place. A falling out of line. There is so much you can do before someone else will want to nip it in the bud. Ah, a cliche. See, […]


I am challenging myself to engage in form. To fit in this self-construct -ed mold, the oneI’ve inherited frommy father, and hisfather before him,to swallow, become. And then I break out like I’m on the verge of insanity. And then I break out like I have no family to care about. In an episode of […]


There are two ways of looking at every situation. Let’s call them A and B. If they were people, they’d be David and Peter. Or, as I remind myself to degender that ambiguous jellyfish of the mind, let’s call them Valen and Valen. Valen is the type of person who walks down the street every […]


Right where it belongs the half-fucked pop schizophrenic forestman plucks a book off the branches of a library-tree and plops it down on the mud. In the clearing where all the words stop hooting a line forms to spit into the face of God. See the safety of the life that he has escaped, this […]


People streaming out of classrooms, people never looking back on nature, people crowding about in smoking corners, people typing fervently on their laptops, people with their earphones plugged in and the music so loud they don’t hear their own keys, people who lie, people who live by power points, people who die by caffeine, people […]


I am writing this poem without having seen the end of it, without thinking of what can emerge from this process or not, much like hatching an egg, a child in the incubator of the womb, because all creation is birth and all death is anti-birth; I am a schemer in a room of humans, […]