Luxurious Vegan Lunch, In 3 Parts


hors d’oeuvres

le rien

Nothing, naught, nil, zilch –
we stopped believing in waste.
Instead we light a candle
and fill the table with light.



orgie de légumes achetés en magasin

Vegetarian thing on vegetarian
thing on vegetarian thing.
Served with a side of rice
and a garnish of ash.



fruits et brioches à la vapeur

Steamed pau and oranges
arranged in a pyramid.
Prepared on paper plates
and by fragile fingers.

Last but not least,
a drink, to send you on your way.
Served by a man who doesn’t know you:
tea – of an unknown blend –
in a thermos flask,
and reverence.


Day 3 of SingPoWriMo.

“Write a poem inspired by the last thing you put in your mouth. Bonus Challenge:
Do not use the words sweet, salty, bitter, mouth, taste or tongue.”

p.s. the formatting keeps resetting itself?

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