What I Know

The morning sun intrudes
past the boundary of the curtain –

even if I were to avoid it,
it will still rise again, unlike you.
I, too, become gradually unlike you:

I don’t watch the television,
I don’t go out on Friday nights. I don’t
write poetry for fun anymore, amongst

other trivial matters.
It’s just that now, I know it wasn’t
you leaving that hurt. It was finding

that I knew everything, but only once.
Without you, I can no longer say that.
Yet, I do know this:

after these years, I still know nothing –
the feeling of no-one in the house,
no warmth in my bed.

The nothing that resounds in the house
when I speak, that fills the space where
your shoes used to be,
that fills my chest when I breathe.



Today, you are simply asked to write a poem that states the things you know to be true.

Reference Donald Trump without calling him a name.

‪#‎SingPoWriMo2016Day5‬ ‪#‎SingPoWriMo2016Prompt5‬

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