3 Notebooks

3 Notebooks
The world breaks everyone
but some are strong at the broken places-
like my father.

never took himself into account.
Always watched and listened,
but never forgot anything.

Never losing to the rain,
nor to the wind –
such a person, I want to become.


“I want to live beautifully.”
Life is either a daring adventure,
or nothing.
It isn’t about finding yourself:
it’s more about creating yourself.
Live in the present.
Launch yourself on every wave.
Find your eternity in every moment.


Even if ‘happiness’ is nearby,
I shall fly on, believing in my future.
Even if I am all alone,
I will awaken, to walk towards tomorrow.
Even if I choose my words carefully,
and avert my eyes,
an unseen tomorrow is still there.
Day 2 Prompt for SingPoWriMo. Quotes taken from 3 notebooks

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