Farewell to Ficly



I joined the site back in 2012 when I finally started posting my writing, no matter how good or bad online, and now, about 2 years exactly later, the website is shutting down. This website has been inextricably linked to many of my memories, both the good and the bad ones, over the past two years. It’s almost unreal to hear that the website would shut down in just a few weeks. 

Over two years I’d written over a hundred poems, and this website both gave me motivation and ideas to play with. However, everything comes to an end. 

In an act of perhaps, vanity, or simply to remember the website, I took some of the poems I wrote on the website and compiled it into this gaudy pretentious-looking booklet, so I can place it on my shelf. I picked only the ones I either had fun writing, or reading afterwards. It’s titled, “The Ficly Poems: An Archive, A Memory, A Time.” I like to think of it as just a collection of internet poetry, because it is. What makes it different? It’s mine.

If you want to read it, you can always find the link here, but I don’t guarantee any form of quality. I hope you like the poems nonetheless.

You can find the book here at http://bit.ly/1lh2Het. To reassure your fears, the link doesn’t lead to some virus-infested website, it brings you here

In any case, farewell, Ficly, thanks for two years of writing, memories and experiences.

P.S. I already found a typo in the foreword.

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