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the sharpness of theses at 2am

pause for thought – one mistake begets another. A treatise on compulsive lying: how one wears long sleeves even in summer, how one nods along to the rhythmic ritual of “yes, I am fine.” No. Break the glass – this is not just an emergency this is real life. Real in the sense that there […]

feast for the senses

rap scallions pop corn jazz hands gloves worn heat higher pounding meat tender riser sinful treat dapper diner whisky dandy reeses’ pieces risky candy caramel dripping sweet tripping salad tossing caesar dressing sunkissed tomato red cheek bare bodies rump steak —- spwm day 3


Observe. Spit in his face, and he turns the other cheek. This man who is not even a doormat. A doormat is welcoming, even when stepped on. He is but the puddle you step over: shallow, dirty, unwanted, cold. Once, a part of something greater.


warm with sweat and short of breath, I watch the clouds spread out, to blanket the sky. down in the valley, headlights beckon to me, like ships on the horizon, far on the sea. and so, here, on my lonely rock, I sit, the earth a mirror of the stars. each light in the distance: […]

Farewell to Ficly

  I joined the site back in 2012 when I finally started posting my writing, no matter how good or bad online, and now, about 2 years exactly later, the website is shutting down. This website has been inextricably linked to many of my memories, both the good and the bad ones, over the past […]