Allowing anger to flow in the vein
A line of silver down a long highway
Breathing in to displace the haze
Of yesterday’s fury and today’s melancholy
The future is a glassy hourglass
Filled with the ashes of mankind
All my concerns and worries are sacrosanct
but ultimately pointless in the face of greater problems
See all these lines we’ve drawn in the sand
A single step and the grains come rushing in
Filling the valley with themselves and air
Imagine looking through the cracks
Will you find yourself afraid to see
So sang Nine Inch Nails, but alright
alright alright everyone’s truth
is that everyone is angry for no reason
or so people say when they bare their bellies to the beast for breakfast
folding over in total defeat
I want to fight but I’m afraid of belief
I want to fight but I’m afraid of consequences
I want to fight because I’m afraid of consequences
What if everything around us were illusions
and the truth is that there is no heaven
except that of our own making
My palms are itchy with the urge to do something
I want to get down and start hammering away
I want to paint everything red
I want to break a plank in two
All my worries are sacrosanct
All my writing is worry
All of my future is in the writing
Allowing it all to flow in the sea

Freewriting Explanation: Every day, Valen shall use 5 minutes to write completely unprompted and uninterrupted, letting the words lead the way. There is no end purpose to each piece, but rather, the pieces are allowed to develop naturally in their own way. The pieces are then uploaded without edits.

Filed under: Freewriting, Poetry


A member of Singapore-based writing collective /stop@BadEndRhymes ("/s@ber"), Valen dwells in the swamp of poetry. He has been published in various publications, including Anxious Poets Society, Eunoia Review and Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. He has performed his work at the Arts House, the Singapore Art Museum, and in various dingy bars.

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