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highway palette plank on plankto a distant star think of yellowdirt-runed dunes of carrot cakesand flowing in infinite hour-glasses off the side of a lonely planet some other side of thislonely galaxy what is the colourof your gratitude can you explainthe middle ground between greenand not-green and who knows what there is to do at […]


Allowing anger to flow in the vein A line of silver down a long highwayBreathing in to displace the haze Of yesterday’s fury and today’s melancholy The future is a glassy hourglass Filled with the ashes of mankind All my concerns and worries are sacrosanct but ultimately pointless in the face of greater problems See […]


good fucking day to you good sir you defiler of the motherbreast arsonist in all the fields of studyyou shut your face to the light that bends itself around the rimof a black hole as though you too would not be sucked in good fucking sir you’re rich enough to understand that money cannot buy […]