start them young. begin
by digging a hole
and standing in it.
fill in the earth
to waist level.
palms facing the skies,
absorb the energies
of birds for hours.
open mouths give their
water back to the earth.
I am a boy
trying to be a tree,
spinning with the planet,
rolling past hours into days,
into becoming a man,
who is also a tree.
trembling, I branch
my boy’s fingers
to chiaroscuro the sky,
my dying skin flaking,
falling as leaves.
I am beneath myself.
as with all things,
the most difficult part
is growing up,
or growing out of it.

#singpowrimo2016prompt19 #singpowrimo2016day19 




Submission for the Upgrader Prompt (original poem by Joshua Ip)

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