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Green is the colour

green is the colour I shall wear today. green is the guise I hide myself with.  the sun rises and I stare into your irises. what are you thinking of today? when I think of you, I wonder if anyone still remembers me.  once again, the morning intrudes past the boundary of the curtain. it […]

triptych #5 (those viridian days)

i. beckoning arrows falling bottom of the calendar ii. cadaver corpses sleeping in mud-clad funeral suits iii. the green, it envelops us, inviting, inviting, back to a caged cage —————- 1. i wrote this last friday because i received the notification indicating that i had just 6 months of national service left 2. disillusioned and […]

lot one

for fear of fragmentation    I decided    to tie myself to my roots. instead of wandering alone on ‘deck’ or whatever                        I find myself           spilling shit on myself mocking piety hiding apathy in choa chu kang. . currently   a woman with    hair styled a horse    and a dress wild black      returns  a book home. Does she […]

regret is your favourite waltz

delusional writing on an online page stimulates the memory of having done something one’s not. sitting in others’ shoes shows a lack of logic and restraint when it comes to remembering one’s place. do not just dance to forget it all. this is advice. this is instruction. suck it up. stick out your paw. go […]

triptych #2

I. “I know what I want But I don’t know where it is.” I’ll keep looking Around in circles of dust Left behind, in the afterglow And the aftermath. “I know what I want But I’m afraid to ask.”   II. I wanted to feel it again. I want to feel the familiar Movement: wrist […]