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Variations on a theme. The taste of freshly cut pear in the mouth, theoff tune of seagulls by the pier. The swirl of wine in a green glass bottle. In this poem, we are going, back to a timewhen we did not know what it took to hurt one another. People strolling down the sidewalk, […]


I have been careful recently / walkingabout with my pockets full / of various words and phrases I saved / for the daywhen you make your way / back into our house of joined hands / an arm can itself be an envelope / collapsing lovers into mirror-pools / looking formuch better mail routes / […]


If a body is a pocket of possibilities thenmine is full of change. These past few weeks, I have rediscovered discovery. redrawn all the lines. O Joy –my days are a loopthat begin and end with saying your name.My days are polaroid photos dangling light from twine-vined walls.There are too many thingsI want to send […]


In every throat, an apple to be pared. The knives of our tongues are stillnot enough for this actof love making. Before the work is done, the sculpture is already waiting to be sold. As with the bark of treeswe mark that we lovewith something that can’t grow back. Everyroom is a cage of sky […]


I find that I cannot keep anything in recently / I open my mouth and gratitude pours / I open my mouth and your heart nests / I feel like theboundaries of my body are no longer enough to contain the entirety of emotion / Every sun is a spotlight cast on a glitter-covered wall […]


there is something buried at the intersectionof love and hope / for which we have left no tombstone, no marker, no nameplate / some things are best left unnamed / or rather, that we take them away / to name something is to give it power / to speak something is to speakpower / without […]


In the parcel of your tongueI found my heart wrapped in webs. Spun from a different perspective, this love is a narrative, and not a saga. A story, not merely a chapter.If every heart is a fist-sized thing then all love is violence. The Grinch’s heart grew threetimes its size. Imagine all the damage you […]