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outside it is pouring,dark spilling over the sidewalklike a glass filled with the blood of something fragile.you and I are somewherein this flood of warmth. the rain continues to knockon the roof, a witnessto all of this nothing.time drips slow. quiet.you and I will part so soon.

Following the Last Act

  When the curtains fall -that’s it. Well, everything ends eventually. So, there isn’t any real meaning to it. No extended metaphor. The only conceit is mine. The story just ends, its characters, presumably, not having learnt any better, and people may or may not like the ending. That is OK. Personally, I’d rather the […]

triptych #2

I. “I know what I want But I don’t know where it is.” I’ll keep looking Around in circles of dust Left behind, in the afterglow And the aftermath. “I know what I want But I’m afraid to ask.”   II. I wanted to feel it again. I want to feel the familiar Movement: wrist […]