Tag: anxiety


Silence, then. Silence on a silver platter, silence in the central column of our spines.Silence in the hallways. Threesteps down a wooden staircase,the familiar gallop of a manrushing on his way to work;his hands running down the bannister as though a flourishon a keyboard. In the deep thick mud of my insignificant anxieties I find […]


a flat cap, a smushed shoe, the lawn cuttings left out orphaned and buzzcut bleeding steady, a brokendown car by the side of a cruise liner, a ship at the bottom of the sea,a cabin locked and floodingwith all of the world’s answers within it, like a child rubbing their stomach,a pot-bellied pig waiting to […]


Deputise the means of resistance /I’m folding over in my cell-room of misplaced desire / scrabbling at stone walls with a stolen spoon / oh give me an answer you quiet / give me the key you masked bastard / your face forever in the shadow of an oversized ego / I walked into this […]


Trepidation creeps on the spine, a tightrope act.  We are both audience and whipped animal.  Who will hold my hand? Hopefully myself.  Every day I see is its own dying breath. This is the future we walk towards, a destination we cannot afford, a world of our own choosing but not of our making.  This […]