Month: September 2019


Suspended in God’s gelatine, the stars are various unnamed slices of fruit, plucked off the last tree in the world. We are all ark-like on this blessed day, this day of endless rainstorm and wind, the invitation letter of an eternal flood. Or – I might be exaggerating. Some times call for simpler things to […]


In the parcel of your tongueI found my heart wrapped in webs. Spun from a different perspective, this love is a narrative, and not a saga. A story, not merely a chapter.If every heart is a fist-sized thing then all love is violence. The Grinch’s heart grew threetimes its size. Imagine all the damage you […]


My therapist described the pain as a knot bundled up in the body. Asshe started to try and smooth it out,I couldn’t help but imagine a bundle of yarn veined about my back. Imagineeach string coming loose, one by one, as the minute hand ticks on, the soundits own perverse voyeur. In some aspectsall pain […]


Come walk with me on this side of the street.The other side is full of riff-raff who want.The crossing itself is a tribulation, one most are not equipped to do. The traffic’s too fast,and we’re all heading in the same direction,aren’t we? I wouldn’t know. There’s a bendup ahead, and from there our paths diverge,but […]


Hammer drum the nail behind a spineI am letting God go to work on my backthe notches of my spine as steeples andthe bruises as my alms and offerings Oftentimes pain is the sign of existence plenty of our relations are based around itI think about its transactional nature and I am tempted to say […]


Every day the same bitterness,every day the words hide in the back of the throat, every day mouths shut against the light. Every day I am reconfiguring what I want myself to be, what I want everyone to hear. There is an art to this manner of magic, this two-faced trickery we call civility. Anger? […]


In the small parcel of your tongue I found a greeting card with no addresseeto be found. We’ve always had a weak spot like that, always wanting to bring home the strays from the pound, always wanting to let in more than we can let ourselves. I am dutifulso I sought to deliver it to […]