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A week from now, the sea willbend itself back, pulling at theedges of continents and islands, tugging them together again with the slow patient touch of a long-loved grandfather. Yesterday, I dreamt about the long journey it would take to shorten this distance; in a snowy terminal,flanked by snaking briar trees naked for the winter, […]


Words on the wind. Whispers in the sand, they all tell me that my words will mean somethingto nobody. A reassurance in the form of a briar tree, long-felled by a rusty axe. Why rusty? I don’t know.When I think of violenceI think of the colour brown.I think of the taste of iron, the taste […]


In every throat, an apple to be pared. The knives of our tongues are stillnot enough for this actof love making. Before the work is done, the sculpture is already waiting to be sold. As with the bark of treeswe mark that we lovewith something that can’t grow back. Everyroom is a cage of sky […]


Time lies, useless as a swordin the lake. For one, there’s time,and then, there is passage, as income, squeeze the cheeks of this little tragedy. Who will offerthe world their breast? I’m sat, couched deep in tomorrow,hands on the pulse. Tomorrow I willflip onto the pavement and pound itInto confession. Tomorrow I will flip on […]