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Writing is a ritual for me nowadays. I don’t do it unless I have to, but I do it every day. I get into something nice, I put on music. I draw the shades. I sit in a comfortable position, and I pull out the blank page. The blank page is a canvas for this […]


Smoking away in the stairwell I put the still-warm weapon into my mouth again. Pull, catch and release like an angler, the smoke trail a tangled lure. Dissipating into the intersection of moonlight and wind, the breeze rolling in like a policeman waiting to catch us. For what? We haven’t done anything wrong. We’re just […]


Knives knives knives knivesKnives in the gap of your teethKnives in between your eyelids Knives like crowbars propping your mouth openKnives diving into flesh like eagles Knives underneath every nailKnives as the opposite of a hammer What is a pair of scissors but two knives held together with a common purpose Knives as an exploration […]