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the sharpness of theses at 2am

pause for thought – one mistake begets another. A treatise on compulsive lying: how one wears long sleeves even in summer, how one nods along to the rhythmic ritual of “yes, I am fine.” No. Break the glass – this is not just an emergency this is real life. Real in the sense that there […]

How to Fulfil a Prompt (poem for SPWM 2016)

There are little Aprils remaining on this Earth. These childish, dark months are diamonds. Yet like this long ramble not worth a kopi-o. Dr’s Chee’s wife likes to go for strolls outside. 家里aircon 坏 liao, she said dripping Niagara Falls. They couldn’t repair it, money was very tight. And to witness poets write nonsense, Desmond […]

Examination Questions (50m)

Q. How did you know you loved? (5m) When we had ran all the streets to the end, learnt these veins weren’t enough to contain young blood. We could have traced these roads to each other’s heart by heart. When every flat was a hill and every sunrise we saw was first and the last, […]

We Are Majulah

We are stamping each other to death in a furtive Cha-Cha. We will lock ourselves in birdcages but shout at those who sing. We eat our meals in a feedback loop and soon the man in the tasseled fez has taken our job. It’s ok because We Are Majulah; we are onwards we are progression […]


Can we exist within and without each other? Is that what you seek to test? No, I am not dodging the question. I’m just skipping it for now – an exam technique. Solve what you can, come back later. No, that’s no metaphor for us. No, you won’t get points for fancy language. Frame it […]