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Variations on a theme. The taste of freshly cut pear in the mouth, theoff tune of seagulls by the pier. The swirl of wine in a green glass bottle. In this poem, we are going, back to a timewhen we did not know what it took to hurt one another. People strolling down the sidewalk, […]


In the parcel of your tongueI found my heart wrapped in webs. Spun from a different perspective, this love is a narrative, and not a saga. A story, not merely a chapter.If every heart is a fist-sized thing then all love is violence. The Grinch’s heart grew threetimes its size. Imagine all the damage you […]


In the small parcel of your tongue I found a greeting card with no addresseeto be found. We’ve always had a weak spot like that, always wanting to bring home the strays from the pound, always wanting to let in more than we can let ourselves. I am dutifulso I sought to deliver it to […]