Tag: death

Brittle Jade

You bottled message parlor woman. You crackled knuckle. You tremulo. I am divining josses in your will. I am folding you into a boat. I am paying Father to take a short trip. To look elsewhere. Oh, you cloud of jade. You page of filled out crossroad answers. You wreath of drawers. You little wreck […]

Fear Of Your Empty Beer Glass

Once, you asked me what I would want for myself; I answered as you would have wanted, i.e. mark of a man, a six-pack, job that pays good money etc. 5Cs and COE, a happy family. Another time you asked me ridiculous koans: what is the sound of two butts farting. If a NSman shits […]


1. Parallel projection, Horizontal rejection: I lie   Sideways on a muddy ridge-line Waiting for time to trip and fall.   Come now: come, feed off me. I sit in the shower and wait to slide   Down the throat of Time: I wait to be destroyed.   2. He leaves you behind as debris. […]