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5PM, 261116, Before A Family Dinner

Every time it happened you told me that it was alright. That this is how the two of you clicked, like gears in some semiconductor. And every time I would think to myself of harmless bickering, like couples did in the dramas you watched. I found it funny once, as though the more you fought […]

Meditation #2

IMPOTENT RAGE penetrates impregnable fortresses mind body soul a burning bonfire a desire to destroy inner selves outer beings cease, seethe, see. 

triptych #4 (Closing My Eyes To Pretend You Don’t Exist)

1. Powerless to hurt you, I focus my insignificant, transient wrath onto a brief memory. I can only pray, that God may deliver me from hatred, as only He can. 2. Lying together, the folds of the blanket cover our exposed selves: a ritual; a burial. Even though you are gone, I listen for your […]