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FRUITLESS Every evening, the pushing of the hour, and the staying of the day, you listened. Every time we touch, I count. But all I learnt in this exile was that every muscle in my hand ached for yours. Yes. We are not alright. This isn’t love, but a close second. Careless creator, why do […]

How to Fulfil a Prompt (poem for SPWM 2016)

There are little Aprils remaining on this Earth. These childish, dark months are diamonds. Yet like this long ramble not worth a kopi-o. Dr’s Chee’s wife likes to go for strolls outside. 家里aircon 坏 liao, she said dripping Niagara Falls. They couldn’t repair it, money was very tight. And to witness poets write nonsense, Desmond […]

death, it looms

death: it looms, above our car i can hear her, knocking on the sunroof a cloud, she; our car nothing but a coffin when the two of you fight over us i am reminded that i, too, am but dirt i suppose that’s all we were. when the car stops at a red light when […]

Examination Questions (50m)

Q. How did you know you loved? (5m) When we had ran all the streets to the end, learnt these veins weren’t enough to contain young blood. We could have traced these roads to each other’s heart by heart. When every flat was a hill and every sunrise we saw was first and the last, […]


crystalline- which was our bond  surely eternity must have been erased when we crossed the line  in the wake of our collapse you forcefully shed my skin surprisingly it was all just as expected: my true nature –  it remains too beautiful too beautiful for you to behold. 


reflections. ————– this year has been one of the most life-changing ones for me. the old milestone which every singaporean son must conquer: the ever-dreaded national service, something that to me, seemed milder than the days spent in NPCC back in HCI. I thought this way even when my head was still bald, and my rank […]