Hello. Welcome to my humble website.

I’m Valen, an aspiring poet from Singapore.

Additionally, I am a core member of Singapore-based literary collective
/stop@BadEndRhymes (“/s@ber”).

National Poetry Festival, 2018

About Valen

Valen is a core member of Singapore-based literary collective /stop@BadEndRhymes (“/s@BER”). His work has been published in Cathexis Northwest Press, Eunoia Review, Mistake House, Quarterly Literature Review Singapore and elsewhere. Many of his pieces can also be found in anthologies, such as SingPoWriMo 2016 to 2018, as well as Anima Methodi: The Poetics of Mirroring, Our Poetica and several other pieces forthcoming. Likewise, his work has also won several competitions, including the Singapore Art Museum’s Signature Art Prize Poetry Competition 2018. He has also performed his work at numerous events, including Poetry Festival Singapore as well as open mic events such as Spoke and Bird.

Awards, Competitions and Publications

Anima Methodi: The Poetics of Mirroring21st Century Quang Ducs
Anxious Poets Society Abstractions from New Year’s Agoraphobia
Caveat Lector VIIUniversity College Dublin’s literary magazine. Two pieces – ‘Kingfisher’ and ‘self portrait as river scene from bird box’
CatheXis Northwest
Ars Poetica as Nested Memory
Eunoia Review13 Superstitions for a Damsel in Distress
Brittle Jade
In This Story, You Saying How You Feel “All Right” Is Not A Cause for Concern
Regret is Your Favourite Waltz
The Quantum Theory of Letting Go
The Study of the Wrong Things
They Told Me
Food Republic12 True and Little-known Facts About Swee Choon Dim Sum (forthcoming)
The Galway Review Forest Clearing Meditation
Keluar Baris Anthology by the Literature Club in National Junior College
Bootcamp 2019
Mistake HouseOdes to Odes to Love
Our PoeticaArs Poetica as Nested Memory
Quarterly Literary
Review Singapore
Wish List
Seven Hundred Lines: A Crown of Found//Fount SonnetsConstraint (Forthcoming)
Singapore Art Museum – Signature Art Prize 2018 Poetry Competition ‘Milky Bay’
The Anthology
SPWM 2016 – ‘Riddle in Reverse’, ‘Fruitless’
SPWM 2017 – ‘Fear of Your Empty Beer Glass’
SPWM 2018 – ‘Ode to First Strikes’, ‘Full Life Plan 1999’
SPWM 2019 – ‘Mickey Mouse, on Dropping a Bomb Over the Enemies of America in the Thick of WWII’ (forthcoming)
/s@ber reading, December 2018

For contact, enquiries or just for a chat, feel free to email me at valenlimrz @gmail.com.

Additionally, you can find me on Facebook, or on Instagram as @vlorz.