About the Website

Ugly Stage is the writing blog of a guy who thinks he can also write poetry just because he reads a lot of it (and he was in a poetry-related club once).  Said ‘guy’ also moonlights as a purveyor and shining example of bad writing all around.  Surely, he is the image of bad taste. In a similar vein, the title of the website comes from a random name generator, where it was picked over such stellar and catchy titles such as “Zen Wax”, “Zero Sales” and “Had Image”, but barely over “Lower Trash”. It doesn’t have much meaning at all, but it will have some, somehow, some time soon.

About the Writer

Valen is a core member of Singapore-based literary collective /stop@BadEndRhymes (“/s@BER”), supported by literary charity Sing Lit Station. An aspiring poet, lawyer and human being, he likes writing poems about things he knows nothing about. He has been published in Anxious Poets Society, Eunoia Review, QLRS and previous Singapore Poetry Writing Month anthologies, with pieces forthcoming under Squircle Line Press and Rambutan Literary. He was also one of the winners from Textures 2018, a poetry manuscript competition held by The Arts House Singapore, as well as the Signature Art Prize 2018 Poetry Competition organised by the Singapore Art Museum. He prefers single malts.

Old poems here: http://ficly.com/authors/valenlim
Tumblr: http://uglystage.tumblr.com/
Graphic stolen from a Murakami book.

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