Month: August 2016


Somewhere, a room falls into sterility. We sit there, blank faces surgical tools minus scrub and garb. Who will make the first cut? Who can? Here no-one is the most qualified. And so, we wander without walking. I catch the butterfly, wing-eyes fluttering open and shut cases. You check your chapbook for ever-creasing lines. We […]


words that I don’t swallow come out as warbled waves that leave nary a ripple on conscience or memory. words, that leave no mark on the banks, far-flung islands. but here in my clenched-fist prayer I know that someone has seen it regardless. perhaps a fisherman? a kid skipping stones across the surface or the […]


Unwilling survivors, we strain these waters for warmth. Suspended in sea-salt and brine, preserve this moment – the lines between blue, brown and bright; driven splinters into submerged shoulders. Boards which seem to know all and see all. The scent of silence. Dread treading water. Everywhere but nowhere. Anything but everything. If we rebuilt ourselves […]